Want Cloud? — Shrink your XML/JSON Request and Respons

We are working very hard to produce best products with good architecture. Sometime we are missing adding to our bucket the traffic issue. When moving to multi user environment, mobile product or implement it on the cloud, if your system is using an API style by transferring  XML or JSON request/respons you can, in a […]

Conditional LINQ

A typical scenario in search forms is to provide the ability to query objects using multiple parameters. For example, a typical search users’ form might contain the following fields: Username First name Last name Age The client may ask to query using all of the fields, some of them or neither one of them. In […]

Go Fast

Go Fast! New start-up? You need a website to promote your ideas, Fast, low cost and that fulfill your needs. Start-up’s websites ,when up and running are building credibility with the seeding markets and customers, community and potential investors. You’ll find that many future potential customers will visit your website before they reach out to […]


To develop an excellent product, that works well, works fast and in a secure manner, R&D infrastructure must be carefully chosen. The infrastructure is considered to be the backbone for the development process, from the product specifications to manufacture. In most companies, R&D team would use either the existing infrastructure that was used for previous […]